Waterproof Shoes for Women

Vessi has designed these 100% vegan waterproof shoes for women to take you where you need to go. All while staying dry, comfortable, and cool (in more ways than one). Here at Vessi we take style and practicality seriously. Stay true to your style and avoid throwing on some chunky, sweaty, uncomfortable rubber boots.

Ladies, you’re going to have to make some room in your closet. The CityScape is Vessi’s first child. One we hold near and dear to our heart as our founding product. These waterproof shoes for women came to be after many years of research in waterproof materials. Not only did we want to keep the great outdoors, out. But also allow your feet to expand and breathe throughout your day no matter where it takes you. The Cityscape sneakers are designed for the city dweller who loves to explore. The modern woman with an outdoorsy passion. This then created the City, Escape. A completely vegan shoe, lighter than your running shoes, comfy as your slippers, and lighter than your phone. Where you can plant your dry feet firmly on the ground, and take on the world.

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