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Fit Guide

Vessi's are designed to stretch or form-fit to your feet. We understand that choosing the perfect fit is very important. We have created an easy to follow guide to help you find the size for you. 

Half sizes? If you typically wear 1/2 sizes, we recommend down. Please use the table below to help you identify your right size. 

For the best fit, please follow our Fit Guide Instructions.

1. Place a piece of paper against the wall. Place one foot on the piece of paper  with your heel against the wall. 
2. Trace around your feet making sure not to move your heel. 
3. Measure your marking from the highest point of your toes to the middle of the heel in cm and add 5 mm.
4. Take the resulting figure and compare this to the JP/CM part of our chart.

Getting the perfect fit can be difficult especially online. It’s our mission that you get the best possible fit with your Vessi's. Send us a message and we’ll be happy to help you find your right size.

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