100% Vegan Shoes for Men and Women - Our Promise


Our mantra at Vessi is style and practicality. Look good, feel good. All of our Vessi’s are 100% vegan and designed for you to take on the world, from walking your pup downtown to the great outdoors, we’ve got you covered. A vegan shoe, lighter than your running shoes, comfy as your slippers, and lighter than your phone. A shoe you can truly feel good about. Believe it or not, many sneakers or running shoes use animal by-products in glues, and rubbers that go completely unnoticed because you can’t see them with your bare-eye. At Vessi we like to be transparent about what goes into our shoes and closely tied to mother nature around us.

A Classic style for men and women balanced with a slim lightness to put a spring in every step and keep you cool and dry all year round. Vessi will take you where ever you need to go. It’s time to replace your sneakers.

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