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How the fund works

How the fund works


We created the fund to support and empower you, our community heroes, in using your superpowers to make a difference within your community.

Whether you're delivering groceries, 3D printing PPE, or simply lending a helping hand, we believe that you know better than us on how you can create the greatest impact in your local community. 

Together, we can spark moments of happiness that can ripple through our communities.

Big Change Starts small: $1000 a day

Starting April 15th, the Vessi Community Fund will allocate $1000 a day to support 10 heroes in giving back to the community. 

Like a pebble creating ripples that extend across the pond, we believe that even the smallest acts of kindness can leave a wake of positivity across communities.

Offer Services

Donating PPE

Donations To A Cause

Support the community heroes

Pay it forward with your next pair

Depending on your selection, the profits will contribute towards the Community Fund Program. Purchases made with a discount code are valid for exchanges only.


How much funding does a project receive?

Funding can vary from project to project. The Fund's goal is to create communities filled with kindness, selflessness, and positivity with small acts of kindness.

How will I know if my project is selected?

If your project is selected, you will receive an email from us letting you know the next steps on how to receive your funding! Projects will remain in our selection list for the duration of this initiative.

How are projects chosen?

Projects are validated by our team and approved. The approved projects will be randomly selected, daily, to receive the Vessi funding boost.

Our Past initiatives

2000+ Vessis For our heroes in scrubs

2000+ Vessis For our heroes in scrubs

March 24th

As a small token of our gratitude, over 2,000 pairs of Vessis were donated to the Canadian and American front line healthcare professionals.

400,000+ Masks donated

400,000+ Masks donated

April 1st

Together we have raised donations to purchase over 400,000 medical masks to be donated to Canadian and US organizations most in need.

Vessi Community Fund Started

Vessi Community Fund Started

April 15th

A fund to pay-it-forward, raised by the Vessi community that will go towards supporting and empowering everyday heroes who are looking to make a difference in their community.

Hundreds of Community Projects in the works!

Hundreds of Community Projects in the works!


We launched the Vessi Community Fund to help everyday people make a difference in their community during difficult times such as these. Over the last few months we've helped fund hundreds of projects to community members striving to make a difference in their home towns.